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In basic principle of evolution, creation of mankind has seen serially changes and development, and will remain so. Right from crude animal era, due to constant changes, unity and co-operation, villages were created and community formed. To solve practical difficulties and problems, with Mutual co-operation, union, family love, desire to help others with good intentions and principles, different groups were formed which over a period, came to be known as GNYATI. Dasha Shrimali was also born in the stream of changing times and its history is found in Marwad region. Due to constant harassment from foreign invaders, land of Marwad saw and experienced many ups and downs. Inspite of strong Rajputs being clever and self respectful, to sustain the existence of community and society, our ancestors were placed in embarrassing situations and circumstances. Our birthplace was Marwad’s Bhimpal, Shreemal, Osia and Chitor. There was no differentiation in caste and community, then. With changes in time and circumstances, they migrated to Kathiawad (Kathiyawad) and made it permanent place of settlement. As per history, these incidents happened around Samvant Year 1275. Those who came from Bhimpal and Shrimal were known as “SHRIMALI”, those from Osia region were known as “Oswals” and those from Chitor were known as “Porwal”. Over a period, there were differences between Dasha and Visha and due to this, we are called “Dasha Shrimali”. In Gohilwad region of Saurashtra, gathering of families from about 14 Talukas and 200 Villages, who have settled in Mumbai due to business or service, forms various charity organisation viz. Shree Ghoghari Dsasha Srimali Gnati,, Shri Zalawad Dasha Shrimali Sthanakvasi Jain Gnati, , Dasha Shrimali Samaj, Shri Saurastra Dasha Shrimali Vanik Sangh, Shree Saurashtra Dashashrimali Seva Sangh, Shree Dashashrimali Betails Jain Mandal - Mumbai.One of the charity organisation is giving matrimonial service in the name of dashashrimali.com Though dasha shrimali Gnyati’s past history is not available, about 150 or more year ago, adventurous and enterprising families from Gohilvad region arrived and settled in Mumbai. Leaders of this community attended the Gnyati gathering in Mumbai. Today, over 18000 families of Gohilvad region have settled in Mumbai. In Samvant 1964, Dasha Shreemali Vanik Gnyati took in their fold, villages of 14 talukas they are 1) Bhavnagar, 2) Mahuva, 3) Talaja, 4) Ghogha, 5) Dihor, 6) Umrala, 7) Vala, 8) Kanpar, 9) Palitana, 10) Rohi shala, 11) Limda, Dhasa, Mandva-Jalalpar, 12) Gadhali, 13) Gadhada, 14) Mumbai (including Uran and Panvel) along with talukas totals to around 200 villages. It is observed that many people thinks dasha shrimali can be only JAINS, which is not the fact. In dasha shrimali community, there are people from different religion like Vaishnav, Jain (Deravasi, Sthanakvasi, Digambar) and Swaminarayan, yet there is unity, union, brotherly feeling, principles, family bonds and feeling of togetherness. Still it is subdivided like Dasha shrimali Zalawadi, Dasha Shrimali Kathiyawadi, Dasha Shrimali Ghoghari, dashashrimali.com, etc. These factors have placed Gnyati at respectable level. Excellent organizational and good foresight has so far maintained simplicity and co-operation in every relationship. Discipline and Organizational skills are keys and life of performance by any Gnyati for which constitution is required. History of dasha shrimali Gnyati has been very interesting and progressive and keeps pace with changing time and circumstances and thus maintained its position, which is a matter of pride for all of us.
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